Monday, May 5, 2014

I'm 90% sure I'm dying right now

At least, my lungs seemed convinced of this. I paced myself good, knowing I was gonna do two laps around the block today. Made it farther than I ever have before I had to slow down to catch my breath, but I feel like... I get in this great mental zone when I start running and if I worry that I'm not breathing right I throw myself right out of it and then the lungs start going and it seems neigh impossible to catch my breath.

I've actually honestly pondered making a doctors appointment to make sure I don't have asthma type issues. I've had a couple of broncheospasms in the past that I've had to go to a hospital and get a treatment to fix, but I've honestly never had issues between. I never had issues at all, until my pregnancy with my son and then it just seems my lungs, having never really been pushed past anything more vigorous than biking in my youth (I biked a lot as a teenager/child) then once the age of cars came around I kind of.. stopped.

Still, breathing is good.

I wasn't sure I was going to run today, after having taken the weekend 'officially' off, I put it off all day knowing I had my 'final' screening today... and figuring I'd do it.. 'later'... coming home at 9:30 at night and deciding if the smell of whatever has managed to die and stink up the air around my townhouse chase me around the block- and actually found it peaceful.

I'm not an early morning person at all (no, really. I personally bought my warning mug that states my motto: What do we want? Coffee! When do we want it? I'll fucking cut you. As seen here ) and so the idea of getting up early just to run? Not a good motivation to pop my lazy ass out of bed (as my children came to the age of being able to get their own breakfast and sit down to watch cartoons for a bit after, I find myself less motivated to wake up early -_-). Being that I tend to wake up later, I usually actually get random energy bursts at night.

I used to do the big chunk of my cleaning when my kids were little at night, but now there's someone who will actually be bothered by my choice of, ah 'cleaning motivational music'. I don't think I'll take up jogging before bed, because something says getting your cardio up that high just to come home and waffleface doesn't sound too pleasant. Mix in shower and the Conan hair I managed to give myself if I do, doesn't particularly sound pleasing either but I have no real excuse of not doing it at night if I haven't during the day for some reason now.

Moral of the story?
Breathing good.

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